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[audio]Radical Futures of the Book - Shaping San Francisco
One of the two major bookstore chains in the US is on the verge of collapse, even as authors are being abandoned by publishers to go "indie" via Kindle and iPad. The ebook (r)evolution is here, but its course is not yet chartedâwill the dinosaurs of New York's publishing industry go extinct, and what new species of publication and publisher will emerge? And will writers be able to make a living...not that most of them are doing that even now! Join science fiction writers Terry Bisson, Nick Mama...
Keywords: E-book; pdf; Kindle; Amazon; publishing; books; self-publishing; New York publishing; agents
Downloads: 27
[audio]Class and Power in Queer San Francisco - Shaping San Francisco
What does âclassâ or âcommunityâ mean? How does the newbie Midwesterner serving burgers at a Castro street diner relate to the landlord and shop owner âGay Communityâ spokesmen? How do the schisms between different classes of women, whether lesbian or bi or undefined, show up in daily life and local politics (or not)? How does fear of gender bending impact trans and intersexed people when it comes to paying the rent? Solidad de Costa, Keith Hennessy, and Michelle Tea.
Keywords: class; community; gender; transgender; gay; lesbian; bisexual; worker; labor; economy; housing
Downloads: 25
[audio]Pier 70, Transforming 19th Century Ironworks to a 21st Century ... ? - Shaping San Francisco
Ralph Wilson, Jasper Rubin, and artist Wendy MacNaughton in a wide-ranging critical look at the history and plans for the oldest industrial buildings west of the Mississippi River, the launchpad for much of the U.S.'s imperial fleet in the late 19th and early 20th century. Increasingly derelict over the past few decades, but still home to the last drydock in San Francisco, big plans are afoot. Join critics, analysts, and artists for a closer look.
Keywords: Pier 70; San Francisco; waterfront; shoreline; Union Iron Works; Bethlehem Steel; shipyards; docks
Downloads: 31
[audio]Bay Bridge Sept 11 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
Chris Carlsson presents a historic look at the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, how it has changed over time, going from two-way traffic on the top deck (3 lanes in each direction) with trains and trucks on the lower deck, to today's new span. The history of automobility surrounding the bridge, and the many other schemes to build more bridges and crisscross San Francisco with high-speed freeways shows the context of the Bridge.....
Keywords: Bay Bridge; freeways; Freeway Revolt; Southern Crossing; infrastructure
Downloads: 40
[audio]The Politics of 'Third Space' in Global Videos and Installations - Shaping San Francisco
A Shaping San Francisco Talk held on Wed. Oct. 14, 2009 at CounterPULSE in San Francisco. Co-Sponsored by Global Commons Foundation Michelle Dizon, Filipino-American artist from LA, screens her installation video comparing the 2005 riots in France and the 1992 riots in LA, illuminating political issues of marginal citizenships, migration and exile, media and the erasure of memories of historical violence...
Keywords: video; realism; representation; memory; history; post-colonialism; migration; citizenship; 1992 Los Angeles riots; 2005 Paris riots
Downloads: 32
[audio]Imprisoned But Unbowed: Struggles of Incarcerated Women - Shaping San Francisco
(This Talk's recording started about 5 minutes in, after the introduction. The first voice is Sin Sirocco.) A panel of ex-cons discussing the myriad ways resistance continues and perseveres behind bars, and how such herstories are, or are not, recorded and celebrated. Featuring: Ida McCray, former black conscious feminist prisoner. Supporter of love and life for all: present educator; lifetime involvement to make a better world gang; Rita Bo Brown has been a prison abolitionist for 40 years...
Keywords: jail; prisons; Prison-Industrial Complex; women; feminism; Black Panthers; Hunters Point Riot; Bayview-Hunters Point; Seattle; crime
Downloads: 47
[audio]Toxic San Francisco - Shaping San Francisco Talks
Superfund sites in San Francisco? Come find out whether people and nature are being treated appropriately and fairly in these two well known but very different communities and environments. Is the Presidio Trust fulfilling its commitment to protect and restore the natural resources of this great urban National Park? Are the Navy and the City of San Francisco taking the best care of the residents and their environment at Hunter's Point Shipyard? San Francisco is blessed with significant remaining...
Keywords: Toxic waste; superfund; Bayview Hunter's Point; Presidio; Tennessee Hollow; Candlestick Point State Recreation Area; bioremediation; landfill; Navy; heavy metals
Downloads: 30
[audio]Stop 4 Komotion - Shaping San Francisco
Bending Over Backwards Audio Tour: Stop 4: Komotion International, an underground music and performance space at 2779 16th Street, 1986-1997.
Keywords: music; punk; world beat; Robin Ballinger; Sasha Lilly; Komotion; 1980s; 1990s; San Francisco
Downloads: 23
[audio]Radical Appoaches To Organizing Work And Social Initiatives - Shaping San Francisco
A conversation about network forms of work and their relationship to capitalism, business, and alternative ways of producing our world. Panel Moderator is Michael Whitson Panel: Shereef Bishay of Better Means, Chris Carlsson of Nowtopia, Gordon Edgar (Life on the Wedge), member of Rainbow Grocery Workers' Cooperative.
Keywords: Work; networks; open source; internet; Nowtopia; coops; collectives; markets; money; incentives; feedback
Downloads: 21
[audio]Mexico Today: Dinosaurs, Popular Refusal, and Hashtags! - Shaping San Francisco
Mexicans are experiencing unprecedented levels of violence but are responding with unprecedented levels of mobilization at the base of society. From the No Más Sangre movement to the #yosoy132, Mexican people are contesting established powers and âprehistoricâ institutions. How do we reconcile the return of the PRI with an insurgent population determined to rewrite their own history?
Keywords: #yosoy132; Mexico; corruption; elections; presidential elections; Narcotraficantes; Drug trade; Oaxaca; migration; borders
Downloads: 8
[audio]Shaping San Francisco March 10th, 2010 - Shaping San Francisco
Socially Engaged Printmaking Today Wed., March 10, 7:30 pm, Free A dozen political print and poster makers gatherd to discuss Josh MacPhee's new book Paper Politics, as well as the current state of political graphics making: What are we doing? Why? And is it working? Short presentations by a couple of the artists followed by a large roundtable discussion with audience participation. Co-sponsored by PM Press.
Keywords: Shaping; San; Francisco; SSF; Chris; Carlsson; CounterPULSE; Forum; Art; Politics; Environment; History
Downloads: 12
[audio]Anti-War Then and Now - Shaping San Francisco
Weâll take a look back at military resistance to the Vietnam War, including the mutiny of sailors on the Coral Sea, the anti-nuclear and anti-Central American War movements of the 1980s and hear from Iraq vets about the state of anti-war activities in the current conflict. David Solnit, Paul Cox and Sarah Lazare.
Keywords: Anti-war; Vietnam; Iraq; veterans; organizing; El Salvador; Nicaragua; resistance; GIs
Downloads: 92
[audio]Employers Association - Shaping San Francisco
Haight Ashbury Community Radio Project dramatizes the sensibilities of the turn of the 19th-to-20th century Employers' Association, an organization bent on destroying labor unions.
Keywords: Employers Association; class war; 19th century
Downloads: 41
[audio]When the Mission was Low and Slow - Shaping San Francisco
Friends and neighbors from the Mission District, including Mission Archives and Conscious Youth Media Crew folks, came together at CounterPULSE as part of the Shaping San Francisco Talks series on April 11, 2007, to screen raw footage of low-riders on Mission and other lost footage of the 1970s and 1980s. Ray Balbaran, Vero Majana, Roberto Hernandez, and dozens of others... Back in the late 1970s and early â80s Mission St...
Keywords: Mission District; Latino; Low riders; La Raza; The Lot; El Tecolote; Mission Archives; Conscious Youth Media Crew
Downloads: 66
[audio]Occupy Everywhere! - Shaping San Francisco
Everyone is invited to come to an open discussion about the Occupy movement that started in September in the U.S. and has spread across the country, with dramatic events in Oakland, San Francisco, and other locales. What are the politics of this moment? How shall we understand our own activity, how does it fit into a longer historical perspective? Is this really so new? If so, what next? Come and participate in a civil and lively discussion.
Keywords: Occupy; Occupy Wall Street; politics; history; direct action; banks; foreclosures; taxes
Downloads: 36
[audio]Talks, Art & Politics: Conscious Youth Media Crew - Shaping San Francisco
A film screening of shorts by participants of the Conscious Youth Media Crew.
Keywords: Racism; green; greenwashing; Bayview Hunter's Point; African American; Latino; BART; police brutality
Downloads: 23
[audio]What's Natural About Natural Disasters? Part 3 - Shaping San Francisco Talks
continuing the conversation about the category of "natural disaster" and how many things taken for granted as normal or natural are actually artifacts of human culture. This episode features Chris Carlsson and Peter Davidson.
Keywords: public health; heroin overdose; natural disaster
Downloads: 105
[audio]What's Natural About Natural Disasters? Part 4 - Shaping San Francisco Talks
Audience Q&A following the discussion of the topic, featuring Peter Davidson, Tom Athanasiou, Sherlina Nager, and Chris Carlsson
Keywords: San Francisco, community, public safety, class, anti-capitalism, consumerism
Downloads: 19
[audio]Candlestick Point: State Park for the People - Shaping San Francisco
Claude Everhart of Friends of Candlestick, Alan Hopkins, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Patrick Rump, Literacy for Environmental Justice talk about the unusual history and present of the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. It's an open bayshore park built on landfill and trash, a product of a deliberate community-driven process that chose open space and natural qualities over the usual city-style parks and recreation facilities...
Keywords: Candlestick Point; State Park; urban park; bayshore; redevelopment; endemic species; birds; African-American; native plants
Downloads: 63
[audio]Susan Greene: Art & Politics - Shaping San Francisco
Susan Greene is a public artist, activist, educator and clinical psychologist. Her practice straddles a range of cultural arenas, focusing on borders, migrations, decolonization and memory. Greene is one of four Jewish American women artists who in 1989 founded the ongoing âBreak the Silence Mural Projectâ in solidarity with Palestine. This was part of the ongoing Shaping San Francisco Talks series at CounterPULSE, held May 27, 2009.
Keywords: Art; politics; murals; borders; migrations; decolonization; Palestine; Israel
Downloads: 32
[audio]Art & Politics: Rigo - Shaping San Francisco
Rigo 95, Rigo 23, Rigo Rigo Rigo! Heâll be here to give us a taste of his amazing work, from huge mosaics and building-size murals, street sign satires, and commemorative sculptures. Come and meet one of the giants of our local scene, who also happens to be an international star too, and yet is one of the most relaxed people youâll ever meet.
Keywords: murals; sculpture; public art
Downloads: 22
[audio]The Indispensable New Deal - Shaping San Francisco
Local historian, geographer and author Gray Brechin ("Imperial San Francisco") gives an opinionated and sharp tour through the hidden legacy of the New Deal in San Francisco and California. He looks at buildings, murals, and more, with a clear exposition of the different agencies that organized the work: CCC, WPA, PWA, etc. Held at CounterPULSE, Nov. 12, 2008, as part of the ongoing Shaping San Francisco Talks series.
Keywords: New Deal; WPA; Depression; 1930s; San Francisco; CCC; PWA; public works; FDR; Franklin Roosevelt
Downloads: 132
[audio]Save the News - Shaping San Francisco
Newsrooms are hamstrung by the business practices of Wall Street and Big Media, even as newspaper circulation declines and TV news continues the race to the bottom. Both the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News recently laid off large portions of their newsroom staff. The Internet is vulnerable to the same marketplace compromises. Explore alternative business models to ensure journalism remains a lively piece of our civic life...
Keywords: media; journalism; newspapers; radio; newsrooms; resources; Wall Street; corporatization
Downloads: 28
[audio]Art & Politics: Rebar, April 24 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
In recent years, much has made about the opposition between urban strategies and urban tactics. One is supposedly rooted in technocratic control of the city by a planning elite, the other is the response of artists and activists determined to reclaim the right to an environment generated by, and for, citizens themselves. Rebar has explored this territory through tactical urban interventions -- both sactioned and unsanctioned -- but is also interested in going beyond the simple opposition between...
Keywords: design; tactical urbanism; urbanism; public space; park(ing) day; intervention; art; commons; cooperation
Downloads: 32
[movies]Ecology Emerges: Larry Orman - Shaping San Francisco
An interview under the "Ecology Emerges" project of oral histories on the arc of environmentalism, ecology, environmental and social justice, running from the 1950s to the 2000s. Larry Orman, longtime director of the Greenbelt Alliance, now involved with GreenInfo.net, and a deep thinker on questions of regionalism, urban agriculture, green belts, and much more.
Keywords: ecology; Ecology Emerges; urban agriculture; economic growth; environmentalism; environmental justice; urban gardening; greenbelts; agricultural trusts
Downloads: 156
[audio]Upton Sinclair/End Poverty in California - Shaping San Francisco
Lauren Coodley’s new biography of Sinclair dubs him a “California Socialist, Celebrity Intellectual”. She sheds light on his remarkable life as the writer who exposed the meatpacking industry in The Jungle, the depradations of the oil industry, the wrongful prosecutions of Sacco and Vanzetti as well as the Wobblies, but Coodley reveals a previously under-appreciated side of Sinclair: his feminism. Jay Martin joins the discussion to focus on Sinclair’s momentous 1934 California guberna...
Keywords: Upton Sinclair; feminism; EPIC; End Poverty in California; 1934 Governor's race; California politics; suffrage; temperance; prohibition
Downloads: 26
[audio]Art & Politics: Eric Drooker HOWL and More - Shaping San Francisco
A Slide Lecture by Eric Drooker, who designed animation for the recent film, "Howl," and the new book, "Howl: A Graphic Novel," written by Alan Ginbserg. (Accompanied by the artist on a variety of musical instruments.) A visual and musical tour through Eric's years of graphic work for the New Yorker, street protests, and Alan Ginsberg, including a visit to the West Bank.
Keywords: art; politics; HOWL; Alan Ginsberg; Beats; New Yorker; street protest; West Bank; apartheid wall; Israel
Downloads: 33
[audio]Jet Martinez: Art & Politics talk - Shaping San Francisco Talks
San Francisco-based muralist Jet Martinez talks about Art & Politics as part of the ongoing Shaping San Francisco Talks series at CounterPULSE. Martinez hails from Mexico originally, and he paints magical realist images of nature, incorporating metallic paints and repetitive geometric patterns (that in turn evoke both pre-industrial textiles and industrially homogenous designs) with natural forms from trees, leaves, and more.
Keywords: art; politics; Shaping San Francisco; Talks; murals; magic realism
Downloads: 35
[audio]New Green City Politics - Shaping San Francisco
What are the historic roots of our current ecological politics, how have they shaped todayâs environment and the questions we face now? Open space, biodiversity, global warming, fresh water, street design and transit choices, urban farming... local historian Dick Walker (âThe City in the Countryâ), Kearstin Krehbiel (SF Parks Trust), Peter Brastow (Nature in the City), Keirstin Dischinger (Bike Kitchen)...
Keywords: Open space; biodiversity; global warming; fresh water; street design; transit choices; urban farming
Downloads: 9
[audio]Public Commons vs. Corporate Privatization - Shaping San Francisco
With Mayor Newsom trying to give away the cityâs wi-fi space to a corporate consortium, efforts by Bechtel and other private contractors to take over our public water system, the ongoing scandal of PG&E selling us our own âpublicâ power and their current efforts to take over alternative power, incessant pressure to privatize the public schools, a national culture that blindly accepts corporate interests as preferable to public interests, weâll talk about how the San Francisco Bay Area can be...
Keywords: Corporate personhood; democracy; economics; community control; public interest; Green Party
Downloads: 41
[audio]Literary North Mission Nov 13 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
Art & Politics: Literary Treasures of the North MissionPoets, painters, writers, and other cultural and literary denizens of the single-room-occupancy hotels of the North Mission, especially the Royan, the Crown, the Albion, and others, will be remembered, regaled, and recited. San Francisco Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia reminisces and recites, bringing in literary heroes of the past decades.
Keywords: Literary San Francisco; poets; poetry; Valencia; 16th Street; North Mission; Royan Hotel; Albion Hotel; Jack Micheline; Harold Norse
Downloads: 16
[audio]Vivian Chang on Laotian Oakland-Richmond Connections - Shaping San Francisco
APEN organizer Vivian Chang describes political organizing among the Laotian communities in Richmond and Oakland.
Keywords: APEN; organizing; Laotian; Oakland; Richmond; environmental justice
Downloads: 13
[audio]Queer Agenda, Work, and Gentrification - Shaping San Francisco
Join queer organizers from Pride at Work/HAVOQ and other community organizations to discuss gentrification, how the economy affects queer workers, and redefining the gay agenda. This recording was primarily of the Queer Agenda discussion, but also has the report-backs from the other groups at theend of the night. Reexamine what is seen as a queer issue in San Francisco, as we dig into our ongoing struggles for justice around issues that daily affect our lives and those in our communities...
Keywords: Queer; agenda; workers' rights; gentrification; class; rich and poor; unions; labor; human rights; gay marriage; don't ask don't tell; gays in military
Downloads: 41
[audio]Ecology Emerges #4: Economies of Nature - Shaping San Francisco
Jon Christensen hosts a conversation with Richard Walker, Rebecca Solnit, and Antonio Roman-Alcalá, growing out of the oral history project "Ecology Emerges" by Shaping San Francisco's Chris Carlsson and LisaRuth Elliott. The discussion was held at SPUR, May 17, 2010, and includes a lively discussion with the audience.
Keywords: Natural capitalism; externalities; prices; markets; ecology
Downloads: 43
[audio]Nowtopia - Shaping San Francisco
Chris Carlsson introduces his new book at CounterPULSE, April 9, 2009: "Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-Lot Gardeners Are Inventing the Future Today"... this is a bit over an hour, and it's entirely a reading from the contents of the book to an audience of about 80 friends.
Keywords: Nowtopia; gardening; utopia; bicycling; programming; biofuels; Burning Man
Downloads: 65
[audio]FoundSF: Dissent - Shaping San Francisco
Shaping SF co-director Chris Carlsson gives a multi-layered tour through the FoundSF.org collection, focusing on the theme of dissent. Labor history in the 19th century, antebellum anti-slavery efforts, women's suffrage, the 1934 Big Strike, the rise of gay liberation, anti-nuclear and anti-war politics in the 1970s and 80s, the 1991 Gulf War, and 2003 anti-war efforts to prevent the invasion of Iraq.....
Keywords: dissent; antiwar; anti-nuclear; occupy
Downloads: 77
[audio]Are Green Jobs Different? Can Capitalism - Shaping San Francisco
Amidst a general enthusiasm and push for a ânew Green economyâ weâll take a look at both the kinds of work that get labeled green, and how the logic of capitalism impedes a deeper ecological transformation. Jason Mark ("Building the Green Economy," Alemany Farm), Chris Carlsson ("Nowtopia," Shaping San Francisco), and Mary Rick (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies).
Keywords: Green Jobs; Green New Deal; Green Economy; Sustainability; small business; government; regulation; wage labor
Downloads: 28
[audio]Mystery of Laguna Dolores - Shaping San Francisco
Christopher Richard, aquatic biologist at the Oakland Museum of California, has deciphered the earliest accounts of the water features of the San Francisco peninsula... working with maps, original Spanish diary entries, and a clear understanding of Mission settlement patterns, Richard builds his argument that the century-old myth of a freshwater lake in the Mission is unsustainable.
Keywords: water; lakes; ecology; Mission period; Spanish colonization; San Francisco; Mission Dolores; creeks; shorelines
Downloads: 61
[audio]Political and Community Spaces in San Francisco - Shaping San Francisco
Community based public art spaces are stuck between business-like survival and serving their communities. Hear veterans of San Franciscoâs Space Wars discuss how theyâve navigated the repressive dynamics of real estate, money, and power to hold open spaces for diverse communities to meet, talk, make art, and shape life. Jonathan Youtt (Cellspace), Robin Balliger (Komotion), Michael Med-o Whitson (848 and CounterPULSE)...
Keywords: real estate; community spaces; evictions; performance venues
Downloads: 26
[audio]Art & Politics: Keith Hennessy--Saliva - Shaping San Francisco
a 1988/89 performance by Keith Hennessy. Twenty years ago Keith Hennessy created Saliva, an interdisciplinary dance-performance-ritual under a freeway in downtown San Francisco. Deep within the rage and grief of the AIDS crisis, Hennessy performed a ritualistic reclamation of the body, the queer male body, as holy. Video excerpts, live performance, historical context, and audience discussion combine to recreate this AIDS-era work of queer performance...
Keywords: performance; AIDS; 1980s; Keith Hennessy; interdisciplinary; dance; ritual; San Francisco; gay; body; queer
Downloads: 32
[movies]Movement, Generation, and Moments of Excess, March 16, 2011 - Shaping San Francisco
"The past is not dead, it is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make." - William Morris With the apparent end of one era and the dawning of a new â and unknown one â we thus turn our attention to the question of inheritance and new generations. We want to think about the way political generations form, and whether the experience of past generations can play a useful role in this...
Keywords: anti-globalization; activism; summits; Free Association; radical politics; PM Press; Shaping SF; CounterPULSE; revolution
Downloads: 385
[audio]14 Ten Years--Women's Health Care Changes Medicine - Shaping San Francisco
Excerpted from Deborah Gerson's essay "Making Sexism Visible: Private Troubles Made Public" in the book "Ten Years That Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-78," edited by Chris Carlsson and published by City Lights Foundation.
Keywords: Women; Women's Liberation; 1970s; Health Care; Women's Health Care
Downloads: 45
[audio]Local Remanufacturing Our Way Out of the Depression - Shaping San Francisco Talks
How Can Making Products Locally From Recyclables Solve Local Economic Challenges? "We need to make products locally from local recyclables." said Peter Berg. "Remanufacturing provides meaningful work, closes the energy loop, and stimulates creativity. It is a practical response to the economic slump that builds on our physical and human resources." Featuring: Neil Seldman, President of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute For Local Self-Reliance, Peter Berg, Planet Drum Foundation director, and ...
Keywords: Recycling; waste; remanufacturing; materials; sustainability; green jobs; work
Downloads: 32
[audio]Clarion Alley Mural Project 20 Years On - Shaping San Francisco
Established in 1992 by a volunteer collective of North Mission residents, the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) was directly inspired by the mural cluster in Balmy Alley focused on Central American social struggles. Over the past two decades artists of all ages and levels of experience representing every social and ethnic group have created over 350 pieces on this one block street. Fresh from celebrating 20 years at the Clarion Alley Block Party on October 20th, CAMP collective members will tal...
Keywords: alleys; murals; art; politics; volunteerism; gentrification; cooptation
Downloads: 19
[audio]Precarious Dead-End Job? The Cooperative Alternative - Shaping San Francisco
Members of Bay Area worker cooperatives will share their thoughts on the history and practice of democratic organization, decision making, equitable employment, and the effects that these organizations have had on the local economy (Rainbow, Inkworks, Box Dog Bikes, Design Action, NoBAWC).
Keywords: Cooperatives; collectives; self-management; self-employment; democracy; economic democracy
Downloads: 30
[audio]Talks: From India to the Bay Area - Shaping San Francisco
Devendra Sharma (Performing Diaspora) and Jaysi Chander (physician and kathak dancer/tabla player/poet and activist) discuss important issues surrounding the Bay Area Indian community. Topics include: immigration politics, women in forced marriage, Indian Invitro industry, political economy of Silicon Valley and Indian outsourcing industries.
Keywords: India; South Asia; dance; Performing Diaspora; Silicon Valley; marriage; immigration; outsourcing
Downloads: 26
[audio]The Tigers of Market Street: Butterfly Habitat along a Busy Urban Corridor - Shaping San Francisco
Not long after the transit tunnels of Muni and Bart went in below Market Street in the '70s, a San Franciscan butterfly â the Western Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio rutulus) discovered an ecosystem freshly lined with one of its larval food, or host trees: the London Plane sycamore (Plantanus acerifolia). Males fly among the treetops, females lay eggs on the leaves, caterpillars feed and pupate, and adult butterflies emerge...
Keywords: butterflies; Tiger Swallowtail; London Plane trees; Sycamores; riparian corridors; canyons; urban habitat; species; Better Market Street
Downloads: 43
[audio]Bicycling in San Francisco - Shaping San Francisco
A Shaping San Francisco Talk held at CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission at 9th in San Francisco on Wed. Oct. 21, 7:30pm 17 years of Critical Mass and 10,000 members of the Bike Coalition? what's right, what's not with the way bicycling and bicycling politics is developing at the end of the first decade of the 21st century? A broad discussion of bicycle etiquette, transportation and urban design, equipment and safety (good engineering vs...
Keywords: bicycling; bicycles; San Francisco Bicycle Coalition; bike boulevards; Critical Mass; red lights; helmets; courtesy; road rage; street design
Downloads: 44
[audio]Ecology & Redevelopment in Bayview Hunter's Point - Shaping San Francisco
The City and Lennar Corporation are promulgating a redevelopment plan, but what about ecology, wildlife and the human community? Come learn about ArcEcology's recent report that illustrates brand new and exciting alternatives for the Bayview-Hunter's Point Redevelopment. How is Candlestick Point State Recreation Area affected? Isn't Bayview-Hunter's Point entitled to its own Crissy Field? How can (re)development benefit the current residents and be driven by their needs and wants? (Saul Bloom, A...
Keywords: redevelopment; toxic waste; Yosemite slough; Candlestick Point; Hunter's Point; Navy Base; Southeast San Francisco; Eastern Neighborhoods
Downloads: 36
[audio]Liberation Biology Oct 30 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
Who are we, and what is our place in the world of the living? The Modern Synthesis of Biology, much of it conceived and incubated in the San Francisco Bay Area, has become a conceptual steel trap dictating much of what we do not only with our ecosystems, but also with our economy, our politics and our very selves. Liberation Biology proposes a critical approach to the deep roots of our understanding of the living...
Keywords: Biology; physics; central dogma; dna; code; gene; debunking
Downloads: 44
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